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Why Choose Us?

Why Consultative Recruitment Is Best For You

  • Do you want dedicated professional consultants that are truly focused on understanding your business needs & requirements?
  • Do you want to hire the right type of employees that will improve your business, help increase performance and allow you to expand if necessary?
  • Are you looking for a recruitment agency with a consultative approach?

Many businesses today are transforming themselves which means their target candidate profiles are also changing.  What  worked  well  yesterday  no  longer  works well today. Therefore, discerning  business  owners  demand that recruiters step up and take the lead.

(OUR VALUES) What  can  HR  Transformations,  a  recruitment  agency  that  approaches  recruitment  in  a consultative and dynamic way do for you?

  1. Engaging with you on a fact-finding mission we’ll learn about you and your business. A little bit of quality time at this stage makes all the difference. We’ll listen intently to you and learn such things as who you are, how  your business works best, what you want  your business to achieve, your immediate and medium term objectives and who you consider to be your ‘perfect’ employees. This information intelligence gathering exercise is the key that gives us the edge to deliver accurately to your needs.
  2. Honesty is the best policy, so we won’t refrain in telling you as it is. Our aim is to get you the best candidates for your role, so at times we may be direct in our approach (working positively in your best interests).  There is nothing more frustrating than a recruiter who over-promises and under-delivers. If  we  can’t  fill  a  role  we’ll  be  straight  about.  However,  we  will  offer  constructive  and unbiased advice and information to help and guide you towards meeting your objective.
  3. Ongoing Benefits and Services. Long term professional relationships are important to us, so once we’ve  successfully  placed  a  candidate  with  you,  we’ll  continue  to  offer  and  provide  useful information  and  advice  that  could  be  beneficial  to you  and  your  company.  Of  course,  this  is optional.
  4. Contributing to Your Bottom Line.  One size doesn’t fit all! Our tailor made recruitment service is designed around you and your company. Like most services, we won’t dictate a price until we have gathered all relevant information, assessed the ease or difficulty of the role and what is actually required so as to provide you with your perfect candidate(s) leading to successful employment. If the recruiting process / task is easy, the fee will be easy on your pocket too! However, even for more demanding roles, you will receive the assurance of our ‘Ethical Pricing Policy’ so you can be confident of a quality service at a fair and realistic price.