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Job Seekers FAQs

We take very seriously our ability to match the right candidates with employers. We believe employment should be for the long term and therefore it is essential that the candidates we put forward to our clients (employers) will fill the role in every aspect. To achieve this we ensure we carry out a full and proper screening process to properly market your attributes and skills to employers so you can be confident that you will be happy in the role should you be selected.

Seeking and securing employment is a process that requires certain important factors to be in place. As employers will be making an investment in you, you also have to make an investment in yourself. You may have the skills, abilities and personality for the role but certain factors such a poorly written CV or cover letter could be detrimental and work against you and perhaps prevent you from getting that all important interview where you can sell yourself. Therefore, in our extensive assessment we will advise you of the best course of action to take and provide you with all the necessary tools to do so. For example, improving or correcting a CV if required, or preparing well for an interview.

HR Transformations, part of the Harbron Group, is a well-established four generation family run construction industry recruitment business based in the South West of England that progresses from strength to strength in its specialist field of construction recruitment related services. Having established a quality brand, solid core business and infrastructure over twenty five year years it confidently branched out and expanded with HR Transformations as an online recruitment brand into other sectors and industries. Utilising its extensive recruitment knowledge, professionally skill based employees, methods and systems it prides itself on selecting and matching up the right candidates to employers. As a candidate you can be confident in receiving an exceptional quality service that will assist you in seeking employment.

We really do appreciate the time and effort taken by all candidates applying for the roles we advertise. If you have applied online you should have automatically received an email confirming receipt of your application.  The recruitment consultant dealing with the specific role will assess and review your application and if suitable you will definitely be contacted for further screening and shortlisting.  If applications received are few, you should receive a personal response, however in the case of us receiving large volumes of applications we regret that it is not always possible to provide feedback on any application which has been unsuccessful.

If you receive a ‘sorry but your application has been unsuccessful’ type response, and you think you are suitable and we’ve made an error of judgement, please give us a call and we will explain our views and decision. Perhaps your CV’s is unclear, misrepresenting you. We welcome the opportunity to put things right!

Yes, if we feel that you match the specific criteria of more than one role then we will be happy to put you forward to each client.

No. We consider this practice as unethical and will always seek your permission before presenting your details to any client.

Absolutely. A great deal of effort goes into the recruitment selection process. Therefore, whatever the reasons are for withdrawing an ongoing application, we really appreciate the courtesy of being informed.

We respect and understand that your personal information is strictly private and confidential so please be assured that we will treat it in accordance with Data Protection laws.

If you need to keep matters private and confidential from a current employer of other source, simply let us know. By providing us with a private and discreet telephone number or email address you can be assured of confidentially. We will listen and apply your direction on how, where and when you want to be contacted. All information you provide will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Contact us immediately when you determine you have an issue that prevents you from attending your interview. We know that challenges can crop up at times, so as a matter of courtesy it is vital that you relay this information directly. Contact your direct HR Transformations recruitment consultant or another consultant within the agency. If for any reason you are unable to make contact with the agency, contact the interviewer directly (telephone numbers will have been provided at this stage) Please don’t feel you’ve ‘blown your chances’. Honesty is the best policy and could actually work in your favour.

Should you find yourself in a situation that is beyond your control, e.g. traffic jams, accidents, transport delays, difficulty in locating the employer’s office, or whatever the reason, it is important and courteous to contact the employer or his office staff directly and explain the situation.